X Factor 2013: How Much Does Judge Kelly Rowland Make?

X Factor 2013 Judge Kelly Rowland

Credit: Scott Kirkland/Picture Group for FOX

As any fan of Destiny’s Child knows, Kelly Rowland’s got bills, bills, bills to pay. Thankfully, she’s also got the gig to get the job done: a little part-time judging on The X Factor.

For Season 3 this fall, Kelly and Latin American superstar Paulina Rubio will join veteran factor finders Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell at the show’s shiny table of judgement. But despite her worldwide renown as a child of destiny, Kelly makes the lowest salary among the four.

Don’t worry, though. We doubt any bill collectors will come a-knockin’ on Kelly’s door. She’s making an estimated $1 million for her time on camera. That’s around the same amount Demi earned when she began her X Factor duty three seasons ago (reportedly, Demi’s since doubled her pay). Granted, Kelly’s paycheck is also $500,000 less than what fellow newbie Paulina is reported to make and don’t even get us started on what Simon makes.

The $1 million amount is actually a raise for Kelly, who earned about $750,000 for her one season appearance on the X Factor U.K. in 2011. Sounds like she’ll have no trouble paying her telephone bills, her automo’ bills, her cell phone bills, you get the point.

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